مشاهده نسخه کامل : نسخه جدید GPU-Z 0.8.8 منتشر شد

14-05-16, 16:09
نسخه جدید 0.8.8برنامه قدرتمند GPU-Z منتشر شد . این برنامه تخصصی ترین برنامه برای اعلام مشخصات کارت گرافیک سیستم میباشد.
Added a settings dialog that can be accessed via the icon in the top right of the window
Added ASIC quality reading for Fiji and Tonga
ASIC quality readout now compares your GPU against online data from GPU-Z validations
Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 980 in laptop, GTX 965M, 940M, 910M, GT 755M, Quadro M6000 24 GB, M4000M, K3100M, M500M, Tesla M40, M60
Added support for Intel Iris Graphics 540
Fixed -card parameter not working correctly
Fixed bluescren on Cedarview, during temperature reading
Fixed Intel Iris Graphics 540 GPU name to correctly show GT3e
Fixed NVIDIA BIOS reading on systems with PLX PCIe bridge
Fixed hang on systems with disabled/broken HPET implementation
Slighty improved wording in BIOS Upload Dialog
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