مشاهده نسخه کامل : نسخه جدید GPU-Z 0.8.6 منتشر شد

05-11-15, 11:37
نسخه جدید 0.8.6برنامه قدرتمند GPU-Z منتشر شد . این برنامه تخصصی ترین برنامه برای اعلام مشخصات کارت گرافیک سیستم میباشد. این نسخه سازگاری کامل با ویندوز 10 دارد .
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موارد اصلاح شده یا اضافه شده :

Added support for DirectX 12
Removed shader model readout
Wake up sleeping AMD GPUs in laptops during GPU-Z startup
Fixed BIOS reading on AMD Fury Series
Fixed incorrect fan speed reading on AMD Fury Series
Fixed Intel Skylake / Braswell / Cherry Lake support
Fixed several instabilities on Intel GPUs
Fixed rare bluescreen on AMD Fury Series
Fixed 3D clocks on AMD not getting read properly when no driver installed
Fixed sensor misreadings when AMD GPU is in deep sleep
Fixed rare care of wrong BIOS getting accessed on multi-GPU systems
Fixed random BIOS version characters when BIOS couldn't be read
Fixed voltage monitoring on some Sapphire graphics cards
Memory usage of Intel GPUs is now combined into a single value
Shortened Biostar vendor name to just "Biostar"
Improved AMD Radeon memory size detection
Reduced memory consumption of monitoring sample history
Removed NVIDIA logo when GPU vendor is unsupported
Added command line usage with /help
Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, 920M, 845M, GT 710 (GK208), Microsoft Surface Book GPU, Quadro K610M, Quadro M5000M, M4000, M3000M
Added support for AMD R9 Nano, Carrizo, Kabini
Added support for Intel Iris Pro P6300, HD Graphics 5600, HD Graphics 520