مشاهده نسخه کامل : نسخه جدید کاتالیست amd آماده دانلود شد The Catalyst 14.7 RC

11-07-14, 16:53
شرکت AMD اقدام به انشار نسخه بتا RC 14.7 نمود . هم اکنون میتونید با مراجعه به سایت amd اقدام به دانلود این نسخه کاتالیست AMD کنید . یکسری تغییرات و بهینه کردن سازگاری در این نسخه لحاظ شده است .
AMD rolled out version 14.7 RC (beta) of its Catalyst software suite. With this version, AMD discontinues support for Windows 8 (WDDM 1.2), and expects you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (WDDM 1.3) for free, to continue receiving driver support. Older versions of Windows, namely Windows Vista and Windows 7, are unaffected. Catalyst 14.7 RC adds all the improvements of 14.6 RC, with added CrossFire performance for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, improved CrossFire scaling at Ultra HD resolution for Assassins Creed IV. The driver also comes with a workaround for an issue faced by users of AOC U2868PQU display, who notice flickering on Radeon GPUs. In addition to the workaround, AMD recommends that you apply the latest firmware for your displays.
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