مشاهده نسخه کامل : پخش و گزارش اخبار مرتبط با سخت افزار و اورکلاک در Overclocking-TV

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13-07-12, 21:25
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امروز رسماً اولین پست خودم رو به عنوان خبرنگار و سردبیر اخبار مرتبط به ایران و خاور میانه در شبکه Overclocking-TV (Only the registered members can see the link)با یک مصاحبه از آقای امین نادری عزیز نخستین Pro Overclocker ایرانی قرار دادم.
دوستان و شرکت های مرتبط از این پس می تونین برای بازخورد اورکلاک پارتی های رسمی، رونمایی از قطعات، مسابقات و هر کاری مربوط به اورکلاک در شبکه Overclocking-TV (Only the registered members can see the link) و Hwbot.org با من تماس بگیرید.
خوشحال میشم قدرت ما ایرانی ها رو به کل دنیا نشون بدم.
این مژده رو هم بدم که قرار یه صفحه کاملاً فارسی در سایت Overclocking-TV (Only the registered members can see the link)برای همه پارسی زبانان دنیا راه اندازی کنیم
برای تماس با بنده می تونین به شماره 09353304384 در ساعات اداری یا L.0913yahoo.com تماس بگیرید.
ارادتمند شما@};-
سعید مسلمی

اینم لینک اولین گزارش بنده:
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Amin Naderi, First Pro Overclocker in Iran

By Saeed Moslemi
– July 13, 2012 Posted in: Interview

Only the registered members can see the link

We decided to start a new kind of post at OCTV. Every week, we would like to introduce you a new overclocker that is the moment top overclocker of his country. Our contributor Saeed Moslemi will be doing these interviews. As Saeed is from Iran, his first pick goes to his country.
Interview with Amin_CaraGT2

We know him as Amin_CaraGT2 (Only the registered members can see the link), a member of HotOverclock- OC Team (Only the registered members can see the link).
Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Amin Naderi , 25 old age , from Karaj – Iran.

Since how long are you involved with overclocking?

I love computer hardware & attract them for many years since I was child.
I Started overclocking with Intel Socket 478, and worked on Nvidia VGAs (4 series AGP), and AMD Socket 939 seriously.

What kind of overclocking do you prefer, and why you use this one?

Overclocking by Air cooling, because its a lot cheaper than other ways to overclock and more fair play! (kidding!)
On air, we can do more thinking, more tweaking, and we have more time for every part of hardware.

What are you doing in your real life when you are not overclocking?

I’m working on my hardware store in Karaj.

What is your favorite brand?


What is your favorite overclocking rig?

A bunch of Mushkin memory Modules, ADA fans, an special 8800 GT , and my HP PcCooler 2116x .

What is your best overclocking souvenir?

Maybe you could mean the world record of single core cpu (Only the registered members can see the link ec_359ms), but it isn’t! Any records cannot be replaced with my max AMD CPU frequency at 5 Ghz by air cooling (Only the registered members can see the link 0_5025.01_mhz).

How old is Overclocking in your country (Iran)?

In the year 2006, Hardware & Computer’s scientific magazines published some news & articles about overclocking in Iran. Somebody followed these magazines and started overclocking forums.Since then, overclocking has been popular.

What is your opinion about Iranian overclocking community and what is their problem?

In Iran, computer hardware and overclocking parts are very expensive. Most of them is very difficult to get. For extreme overclocking most of the overclockers must make their OC pots themselves, and we have also some problems like finding thermal compound etc.
Iran has a hot and warm climate. The beginners can’t run and bench on their OC rigs with simple air cooling.
Iranian overclockers have a great moral and problems cannot stop them. We have above 50 extreme overclocker on Hwbot League decided in 4 powerful teams.

What advice do you have for beginners?

Just keep working on every hardware, no matter if they are high ends and expensive! you can use a very cheap hardware for starting overclocking.

And final word?

Thanks everyone with best regards.