مشاهده نسخه کامل : Tuning Car Studio

27-05-07, 19:34
Tuning Car Studio is a premiere software package, allowing users to tune their cars with nothing more then the picture of their vehicle. By uploading a photo of the car to the program, users can instantly change the bodywork color or choose new aluminum rims. Most elements of the car's frame can be changed with the available tools in a second - add new stickers, type words or slogans, or add headlamp eyebrows... in a moment! The program also gives you the ability to shade the head and rear lamps, and the windows. All the optical car tuning changes can be instantly viewed in the program. The new design can then be printed on paper. During their design work, users can listen to any music they wish, thanks to the inbuilt MP3 player. Using TUNING CAR STUDIO is easy and intuitive. All the tools are thoroughly described in the help file, implemented into the program

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