مشاهده نسخه کامل : سيستم براي راه اندازي كلوب

13-05-07, 22:00
سيستم my Space براي راه اندازي سايت هاي دوستيابي مي باشد.

A Few members were wanting this as far as I can remember.......

MySpace Resource Script v1.21
Full script with source PSD files, etc. No callbacks. CLEAN.
Description: See hxxp://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=95116
Demo: hxxp://Only the registered members can see the link
Installation Notes:
The 3 Step process to get your MSRS up and running.
Open /_inc/config.php and edit it with your preferences.
Upload the files.
chmod /Train/riders.txt to 666.
Go to root directory, open index.php. On line 22, line 23, change Title and Description.

Go to _inc directory, open config.php. Enter email id on line 27, change other variables for your site.

Go to _theme directory, open header.php. On line 35, change alt tag description for logo; Go to end of file, change sample text for small banner
In _theme directory, open navigation.php. On line 7, change myspacescriptz to site name.
Go to end of file, change sponsor links.
Go to _banners directory, customize large banner and small banner
Go to _theme directory, customize logo banner
Go to adsource directory, customize cornertag image

لينك دريافت فايل : hxxp://Only the registered members can see the link

14-05-07, 15:43
دوست عزیزم این فایل از سایتی که دادین Delete شده دیگه لینکی ندارید ؟