مشاهده نسخه کامل : Quickoffice Adobe Reader LE v2.5.131 - Cracked - S60v3

28-12-09, 11:12
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More Powerful Than Ever!
NEW! Adobe Reader LE 2.5 developed by Quickoffice and optimized for S60 3rd Edition mobile devices, lets you view PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files on the go - anytime, anywhere. Enjoy enhanced PDF viewing withfaster and easier to read single column text reflow that resizesdocuments for greatly improved readability on the small screen. Version2.5 is the next of Adobe Reader LEfor mobile devices with improved performance, such as opening largefiles faster, and an easier, more intuitive navigation. Quickoffice isthe Exclusive S60 Provider of this release.

Key Benefits

* Best Viewing Experience - Optimized for viewing and reading PDF documents on mobile devices.
* Desktop Level Functionality - View high impact Adobe PDF documents with familiar desktop experience.
* Seamless Integration - Streamline workflow on your mobile device with a common user experience and integration between Adobe Reader and Quickoffice Premier.
* Increase Your Productivity - Quickly access PDF documents anywhere, anytime on your mobile device to review and approve important documents while on the go.
* 2 Great Technologies Combined - Developed by Quickoffice, the Global Leader in Mobile Office Software, combined with Adobe's proven technology in Portable Document Format that maintains document integrity.

Key Features

* Reflow View - Allows an alternate view of thePDF document where text is reflowed on the screen to provide a betterviewing experience; a reflowed view eliminates left-right scrolling fortext-heavy documents.
* Accurate Rendering - Provides accurate rendering of PDF content, retaining images, complex layouts, and formatting.
* ZoomView™ - Easy, intuitive navigation that allows for increased legibility of PDF content on small screens.
* Smooth Shading & Transparencies - Supports transparencies and smooth shading (used for smoother tonal gradation) contained in PDF documents.
* Page Rotation -Supports rotation of the PDF content (display only) in 90-degreeincrements, allowing users to maximize the viewing area on a smallscreen (for example, going from landscape to portrait maximizes theviewing area for some content).
* Text Search - Supports basic text search in PDF documents.
* Bookmarks - Navigate documents using embedded bookmarks contained in PDF documents.
* Encryption - Supports decryption of files encrypted with up to 128-bit encryption that are password protected.
* Find with advanced find options.
* Embedded Fonts - Preloaded with 14 fonts.
* View Document Properties - Ability to view subject, keywords, date created, last modified, file size, author and title.
* PDF Compliant - Supports the latest PDF 1.7 rendering model and specifications

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Supported Phones :

Nokia E-Series Devices
E63 E71 E90 E51 E65
E61i E66 E50 E60 E61
E62 E70
Nokia N-Series Devices
N95 N95 8GB N82 N73 N78
N77 N79 N85 N93 N93i
N96 N71 N75 N76 N80
N80i N81 N81 8GB N91 N92
Other Nokia S60 Devices
6120 Classic 6110 Navigator 6121 Classic 6210 Navigator 6220 Classic
6290 5320 XpressMusic 5500 Sport 5700 XpressMusic 3250
6124 Classic 6650
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SGH-i560 SGH-i750 i8510 Innov8 L870
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