مشاهده نسخه کامل : Nokia Photo Browser 0.95

15-07-09, 17:23
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Please allow a few seconds for each picture to generate a thumbnail for the first time. While the thumbnail is not ready, Photo Browser shows either gray box or low resolution image (looks blurry in the single image view). Once generated, the picture will load very quickly from the next time.

Touch UI

Strokes, drags, and taps should work as you'd expect
In the grid view:
Long press to bring up the menu
In the single image view:
Long press to start the magnifier
Double-tap will start the regular zoom
Double-tap on a face will start the face browsing
In the face browsing mode, a stroke will travel between faces

Press hang-up key to exit the Photo Browser
C-key or back space to delete the image
Devices with traditional 12-button keyboard:
'0' to rotate the screen
In the single image view, '*' to zoom-in, '#' to zoom-out
Devices with Qwerty keyboard:
Space to rotate the screen
'q' to zoom-in, 'w' to zoom-out
'a' to rotate counter-clockwise, 's' to rotate clockwise the image file
Left soft-menu to bring up menu, right soft-menu to go back
Images are loaded from memory card(E:\Images), F-drive(F:\Images\) and C-drive(C:\Data\Images\).

Only the registered members can see the link