مشاهده نسخه کامل : کنترل کامل کامپیوتر، برنامه ها و Mouse، با موبایل: BT Remote Control v4.0

15-07-09, 17:20
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اگر شما هم می خواهید از طریق بلوتوث موبایل خودتون، هدایت یه کامپیوتر رو در دست بگیرید، بهترین راه ، استفاده از همین برنامه هست.

به طور مثال، با این برنامه، Media player کامپیوتر، به صورت تمام و کمال، در اختیاز شما خواهد بود و شما میتونید صدا رو کم و زیاد کنید، آهنگ رو جلو و عقب ببرید و ...

برای این کار، کافیه شما برنامه ی مربوط به کامپیوتر رو نصب کنید و سپس فایل brc_40.jar رو در گوشی خودتون نصب نمایید.

برای register کردن برنامه هم، کافیه پس از اتمام نصب برنامه در کامپیوتر، فایل Key.reg رو اجرا کنید .

جهت ارتباط سریع تر موبایل و کامپیوتر، میتونید از برنامه BlueSoleil استفاده کنید.

Use Bluetooth Remote Control both for buisness and pleasure! Give PowerPoint presentation and see the actual slides in the phone. Change songs that are currently being played on Itunes or Media Player, browse
for artists, albums, change volume and much more...

Bluetooth Remote Control is a true universal remote control. It allows the user to modify the current behaviour as well as add support for new applications. You can add support by writing Java or VB scripts, defining key maps and file actions. With key maps the user can very easy and fast define application actions and link them to any buttons on the mobile phone.
Bluetooth Remote Control is free to try for as long as you want. The demo version provides a limited number of actions before you are disconnected and must reconnect. The full version can be purchased and registered securely from within the program.

Installation info:

Install Pc application first. Then double click regme.reg file. Then send .jar file from your install directory to phone.

trnsl. with google from chinese:

Install the PC terminal, then run Key.reg documents to register.

Re-transmission of compressed files brc_40.jar installed to the phone.

Can also find in the PC-installed to the phone option.
(Located at C: \ Program Files \ Bluetooth Remote Control \ Java Client) to be installed on mobile phones. Have V3.0 and V4.0. Recommended V4.0.

How to use:
1: Download , after the completion of the installation, to the Finish step, "launched after the completion of the software" Goudiao the box, then run [Key.reg] to register.

2: Use BlueSoleil connect the phone and matching.

3: Right-click on the bottom right corner of the Bluetooth logo, choose my equipment attributes, and then in the pop-up window, select [services] and click on Add a serial port services], will pop up a dialog box, add the above was written The serial port services, I was COM (7); If you are using the WIDCOMM Bluetooth drive, set up is: [control panel] - [Bluetooth configuration] - [local] - [Add Serial services], before and after, the port will add a pop-up information, can be identified.

4: running on the desktop [Bluetooth Remote Control], there may be a port conflict tips pop up, irrelevant, directly identified.

5: Click on the bottom of the dialog [Install Phone Client], then open a window, there are two folders: [BluetoothRC version 3.0], [BluetoothRC version 4.0]. Here is the latest test version of 4.0, the new version of the interface is relatively good, but will be somewhat minor problems, the following picture of the out-looking, we recommend installing version 3.0. Then proceeded to spread to cell phones, installed. .
Then, PC side of the [COM Port Connect Method], connecting the port settings, choose to add the COM (7), then click on the bottom of the Apply, then OK.

6: open the phone client software, [Settings] look at the options open, "Connect" is the connection, there must be COM Port (default is the啦), select [Search ...], will search your Computer on the assumption that the phone must be connected to the computer via Bluetooth and matched! Search to your computer, directly selected, press the joystick button, you can connect automatically, if no problem, will be displayed on the computer with COM (7) successfully connect the information tips

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