مشاهده نسخه کامل : DrJukka Inclinometer for Nokia N95 v0.90.3 مشخص کردن شیب ماشین با شتابسنج

03-06-09, 19:36
این برنامه میتونه با استفاده ازشتابسنج گوشی هایی نظیر N95 وضعیت شیب ماشین رو نشون بده... فقط کافیه روی یه جایی ثابت کنید گوشیو و خودش نشون میده:give_rose:

Inclinometer for Nokia N95

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Inclinometer for Nokia N95(English only version, graphics by P@sco )

Inclinometer for Nokia N95, for compatible devices, please check Forum Nokia Wiki page for Nokia accelerometer enabled devices, and their firmware versions

The basic functionality of this simple application is to show your vehicle angles while off-roading using the Nokia N95 accelerometer. Just Fix your mobile phone in a secure cradle and then launch the app!.

To keep the backlight on, select "Light on" from options menu, as well as there is a reset option, which with you can reset the angle values to zero level

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