مشاهده نسخه کامل : P-6831FX Gaming Notebook

08-07-08, 22:36
از زمانی که شرکت amd و nvidia کارت گرافیک های حرفه ای خود شان رو وارد بازار کردن مخصوصا سری 8 جی فورس و 4000 amd شرکت های ارائه کننده لپ تاب هم وارد عرضه لپ تاب های برا گیمر های و حرفه ایها کردن.و با استفاده از gpu های قدرتمند این دو شرکت به عرضه این نوع لپ تاب های قدرتمند کردن.

این مدل با استفاده از گرافیک 8800 جی فورس وارد بازار شده و دارای رزولیشن بالای نیز می باشد.البته این نوع لپ تاب از پردازنده های خوبی هم استفاده میکنند.

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The result of this stagnation in the mid-range mobile graphics segment is that gamers will need to upgrade to a high-end GeForce 8800M equipped notebook in order to enjoy gaming performance similar to a mid-range gaming desktop system. While there are quite a few manufacturers building 8800M equipped notebooks, almost all of them are high-end products that demand top dollar for the pleasure. Gateway's "P-Series FX" line-up of 17" gaming notebooks seems no different at first glance. However careful inspection of product specifications reveals that their most junior P-Series FX model weighs in at just $1,349.99, a decidedly mid-range price point. Yet it's still powered by a GeForce 8800M, just like the rest of the otherwise high-end FX notebook line-up. This GPU choice alone potentially makes the junior P-Series FX model one of the best gaming and multimedia machines in the entire mid-range notebook price segment, so we couldn't resist taking a closer look.

Only the registered members can see the link

Only the registered members can see the link

08-07-08, 22:58
به نظرتون تو ایران چقدر اب میخوره؟