مشاهده نسخه کامل : پک استثنائي براي سري N نوکيا

12-05-08, 15:42
پک استثنائي براي سري N نوکيا

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پک استثنائي شامل بيش از 80 نوع نرم افزار، تم و بازي
براي گوشيهاي سري N که اسامي برخي از آنها در زير آمده.

نرم افزار ها
Fonts1 (different fonts for N73 or other Series. and the method to chage it)
Live Msn mobile ed.
SYS explorer
Divx player
Agile messenger both 3.76 and 3.78
Besttaskman with Keygen
Heir beta (Chatting software like agile)
Windows Live messenger
Mobile security-fcym
Nokia SMS Accelerator
N sys Info. ( a complete system info about yr fone)
Smart movie player 3.32
Xsound player
Zip manager
gsm magic

Darkest Fear II
Splinter Cell double agent
Asphalt 2 3-d
Brothers in Arms 3-d
Street fighter Alpha
Christmas Midnight
THe Sims 2
K rally
Krish Cricket
MV cricket
Black Hawk down
Call of duty 3
A Knights tale
Dig. chocolate Night club
Chocolate TOWER
Metal of honor
fifa 2007
Brothers in Arms 2-d
Mission Impossible
New York Success
War of the worlds
Street Basket BAll
Prince of Persia warrior within
Mid town madness
TOPGAM Roland Garros
Rally evolution 3-d
Asphalt Urban 3
Beach Ping Pong
Need for Speed carbon
Extreme air snowboarding
Final Fight
Fish labs heli strike
Crime city
Lemonade Tycoon
Metal Slug
True Crime New York city
Crash and Trash
Prince of Persia The 2 thrones
Roger Federers Tennis Open
Sky force Reload
The Crow
Virtual Tennis
V sun plus
Wimbledon 2006
Super minners

تم ها
N95 theme
Dark Vista
Dreamy Vista
Lonely Eyes
Mac flower
Mac stacy
Spider man
Another Spidy
Tokyo drift

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