مشاهده نسخه کامل : معرفی هارد جامد(ssd) توسط شرکت توشیبا(128gb)

15-04-08, 14:35
شرکت توشیبا هارد جامد(با ظرفیت بالا) خودش رو برا نوت بوک ها معرفی کرد.این هارد با 128 گیگا بایت فضای ذخیره سازی حجم زیادی از اطلاعات رو داخل خودش ذخیره می کنه.این نوع هارد ها جایگزینی خوب برا هارد های مکانیکی می تونه باشه و ازامنیت و استحکام بهتری بر خوردار هستند. با سپاس.

اینم متن خبر.اساتید ترجمش کنن.

The Toshiba Dynabook SS RX1, one of the first notebooks announced to feature a solid-state disk larger then 100GB has been delayed (Only the registered members can see the link), following an announcement on Toshiba's website.

Considering that it was only four months (Only the registered members can see the link) ago when Toshiba announced production of the 128GB SSD units and less than a month from their announcement for a newer type (Only the registered members can see the link) of SSD to combat high costs, it's not a huge surprise that this Dynabook is facing delays. Whether or not the delay is actually due to the SSD itself is only speculation, but it seems likely.

SSDs are facing serious growing pains, not the least of which is their high cost per gigabyte. Toshiba and all other SSD manufacturers are hoping to cure this with newer technology, but it remains to be seen if there is even a strong enough demand to keep SSD sales going at the pace they originally intended.

Only the registered members can see the link