مشاهده نسخه کامل : Samsung introduces 500GB 2.5" drive

06-03-08, 21:54
هارد 2.5 اینچی سامسونگ با ظرفیت 500 گیگا بایت

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How would you like 1TB of storage? While feasible enough when dealing with a desktop or server, getting such huge amount of storage in a laptop isn't all that easy. Samsung is one of the few companies trying to address this problem, and today they introduced an all new 500GB laptop hard drive (Only the registered members can see the link) that manages to squeeze three 167GB platters into a tiny amount of space.

The Spinpoint M6 is a standard 2.5” unit operating at 5400RPM, with a price tag not all that hard to swallow – a tad under $300. It also has a smaller but faster variant, the Spinpoint MP2, which is a 250GB unit spinning at 7200RPM. While Samsung isn't revealing any design wins immediately, it should only be a matter of time until vendors start to offer not only one but two drives inside a single machine for an effective one terabyte of storage. Other vendors have already done it, namely the Asus M70S laptop using two Hitachi drives.

Only the registered members can see the link