مشاهده نسخه کامل : ارائه notebook جدید از سوی شرکت Lenovo

26-02-08, 21:17
اعلا م خبر از سوی این شرکت برای معرفی نوت بوک جدید خودش با قابلیت ویزه.

ultrathin ThinkPad X300
اینم متن خبر و امکانات این نوت بوک:
Serious road warriors looking for a full-featured, highly portable device will be happy to know that Lenovo today launched the much-anticipated ThinkPad X300 ultraportable (Only the registered members can see the link), challenging Apple’s MacBook Air as the lightest and thinnest notebook available today.

The Lenovo X300 has a starting weight of 2.9 pounds and a 3/4 inch thickness at its thinnest point while having a 13.3-inch LED backlit display, 64GB SSD, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2GHz processor, up to 4GB RAM, battery life up to 10 hours (using an optional additional 3 cell battery), and your choice of Windows XP or Vista. Sure, it doesn’t have the same “sexiness” as the MacBook Air, but the three USB ports, integrated Ethernet jack, DVD burner, and user replaceable battery more than make up for it bridging the gap between form and function.

Prices for the X300 start at a wallet-slimming $2,799 (blame that included 64GB SSD), and it is available through Lenovo’s Web site and through retail partners.

Only the registered members can see the link